My Career is God’s Concern

Months before I went back to Manila, I was praying to God about career direction. I’d been at Gensan for almost two years and I have that burden to go back to Manila. Thoughts about my mom being at the hospital haunted me; thus, I wanted to stay by her side and spend as much time with her as I can. Back then, I didn’t want to regret not showing enough love for her and spending as much time as she wanted me to — when her only request was for me to go back to Manila.

I wanted to stay at Gensan because of the family atmosphere I’ve experienced with the teachers and students of The Quantum Academy, Inc. I wanted to serve God and share the gospel to these kids, but then I guess my time is already up at Gensan. My sole desire before working there was to see my father, and after seeing him, I guess I’d already fulfilled God’s purpose in my life at this place.


So, before going back, I had applied to internal openings for transfer to another department that would allow me to stay at the head office. God definitely didn’t answer my prayer to be part of the CorCom Dept., and so I still stayed another year as an LIS – this time as a consultant at the Ateneo grade school. It was intimidating for me since I do not know anyone from the school and I really have no idea if the teachers would accept me. One year passed and I was able to share my knowledge and skills to the teachers I’ve been afraid before. Thank heavens because for that year, I was able to convince Ateneo grade school, together with my generous LSS (Ms. Florabel Colupano), that our product is beneficial to students.

Then again, I had this burden to transfer department and be assigned a role where I can just stay at the head office. There is an opening for the position product development specialist and immediately, I applied for the position. I got the job and God allowed me to spend my weekends at home — where I shared stories with my mom and eventually took care of her when she was hospitalized. Definitely, God gave me that foresight to see what might happen in the future and since I cooperated with Him — I continued my intimate relationship with Jesus and followed His will, everything went well.

Now, as a product development specialist, I’ve learned so much about project managment, content development and e-learning. There have been so many downs and I’m asking God why He put me in such place — a  place where I am not very much comfortable and He is always stretching me my limit. God impressed to me during my devotion that,

You are a work in progress. I put you in that place because I want you to learn, not only the skills but also the character I want you to exemplify when I put you to greater heights.


Definitely, God has great plans for me but it is very hard to trust something you don’t see.  The Bible says that’s what faith really is for.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and being certain of what we do not see.
– Hebrews 11:1 (CEV)


One of my dreams is to be part of a production where I can use my skills as development communicator. Another is to take a master’s degree that will enhance my education. This year, 2015, God impressed in my heart I have to get going and follow my desires to apply for a master’s degree. So right now, I’m preparing all the documents needed for a scholarship abroad.  I’m still praying and believing that I will have favors after favors to complete my requirements; however, I know and I just have that confidence in Him who will let things come to pass. I am just amazed that for the past four years of my career, God has been working in my life as a professional and will continue on.

You may be on the same boat as me, but let me just encourage you that if He has been faithful to me with regards to my career, He will be faithful with yours as well. 😉