God will write my own love story

Now, it’s high time to get emotional. I’m alone and the reality kicks in: I’m feeling lonely in this time of the year.

While writing this, several thoughts came morphing into my mind. Why this? Why that? I hope it’s like these and that. I know God has saved me from my past and He is working through me, but then the enemy is trying to pull me away from the idea that God will write my own love story.


**This is what I was thinking six months ago, when the wind’s cold and the rain’s pouring down.**


Now, I ┬ácan’t help but smile and think of the happy moments I’m with him. Though he does not know, I’m just enjoying the fact that after 4 years of waiting, I finally realized I am ready to fall in love again. This time, I know,

God will be the author of my own love story.