God is faithful. ^_^

Last January 5-12, I participated for the annual prayer and fasting of Victory churches, particularly here at Victory Gensan. Ever since I put my faith in Christ back in Victory Los BaƱos, I am always praying for the salvation of my family.

For those who don’t know, I came from a broken family. Six years ago, I was still in college and my sister was still in highschool, when my father went here to GenSan for work. After several months, all communication and support were lost.

It was very difficult for us and we have this anger and hatred against him for abandoning us. Being the only Christian in my family, it was very difficult. I have to deal with such emotion and help my family finance our studies.

Every year during prayer and fasting,  I am always praying for restoration of relationship with my father, and eventually with my sister and my mom’s relationship with him. Last 2009, I know in my heart that I have already forgiven him for all that happened but I am not yet ready to meet him, or even see him.

I have so many questions for him, why this, why that. What is his reason, what really happened and what is really the truth. When opportunity came to work here in GenSan as earlier stated here in my blog, one of my reasons is eventually to see him. Even before, I’ve been praying for this for so long.

Then, I got an answered prayer just this January 14.

My father and I met here in General Santos City. It was a cold evening and I was with my churchmate, Chelo talking about our personal lives at the plaza. Then, I received a text that he wanted to meet me. I was nervous, and I do not know how to react, even how to confront him, but this was my prayer ever since — to someday meet him and tell him I’ve already forgiven him for all that happened. I just asked Chelo to pray for me before our meeting.

At last, we met at around 10 in the evening. We ate with Chelo, talked about general stuff and went home. Then, it was the time. Time to talk to him, tell him everything I think about him, ask him questions, blame him for what happened. But then, I realized, as Christ has forgiven us of our sins, why will I blame him? All the while, what I really prayed was tell him I’ve forgiven him?

He spoke the first word when we were at the dining table. He said, “Anak, sorry. Sorry sa lahat ng ginawa ko. Alam ko, galit kayo pero nagsisisi ako.” (Daughter, sorry. Sorry for all the things I’ve done. I know, you’re angry but I repent.) If I am still my old self, I would tell him, “Iniwan mo kami. Alam mo ba kung gaano kahirap nung wala ka? Kelangan kong magtrabaho, kelangan kong i-give up ang mga gusto ko para makatulong. Sina Mama, nahirapan, pero nasan ka?”  (You left us. Do you know how hard it was when you left? I need to work and support our family, mom was suffering, but where are you?) But then, I never actually thought about it. When he said the first words, all I want to say is, “Napatawad na kita. Basta ako, napatawad na kita.” (I forgive you. As for me, I forgive you.)

God is awesome and wonderful. Just do what God wants and He will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:4, paraphrase)

We cried and hugged each other. Then, I asked him all my questions and he shared with me what really happened during those six years. He mentioned that he was actually given a second chance — he nearly died because of high blood pressure but still, he survived and was able to live another lifetime. As for me, one greatest breakthrough is that God allowed me and gave me the strength to forgive him despite what happened in the past.

Also, God answered another prayer for me — that is, I would be able to share the gospel to my father. I’m the shy type and I don’t usually tell others about Jesus. But this time, God gave me this boldness and He helped me say the right words so that I can share the gospel to him – that Jesus loved us so much that He willingly suffered and died to save us from our sins and that He rose again after three days. As what I’ve told him, “Papa, I’m telling you this because I just want to share God’s love in me. How God loves me, He loves you as well.”

I’ve shared about salvation and  we prayed the prayer together. I’m happy for him. My follow up prayer for now is for him to start One2one at Victory Davao, and that he may constantly attend the church services there.

This is my testimony and I know, I have lots of testimonies coming my way this 2012. I just wanted to encourage you guys – those who follow this blog or for those who just stumbled upon it. God is faithful, God is just. If you’re believing for something, just believe and work out your relationship with God.

Nothing is impossible with God. To God be the glory for this testimony.