Unique in Me

When I was young (note: 10-15 years ago), my self-esteem still had to be developed big time. I rarely talk to anybody and my only way to express myself was through writing. Over the years, I’ve improved, yet, my love for writing as my way of expression never ceased. One way or another, I know each of us has this desire to be known, to be understood, to be appreciated and to accepted. However, somewhere along the way, this desire may have been quenched and there’s no way to let ourselves be known. Let me just encourage you that as an individual, I guess we just have to accept who are first and foremost before other any other person accepts us for who we are.

Anyway, this is a poem I’ve written way back Nov 24, 2004 as a requirement for my speech communication course. This is the first time I’ve written a poem and read it in front of the class. This act had, in one way or another, allowed myself to be known and be appreciated — a step to growing maturely, that is, taking risks.

Unique in Me

First of all, I want you to know that I don’t know what to say
Maybe because I’m not the type of girl who is always gay
I guess I’ll just tell you what’s unique in me
So that you will know what will see.

For many years, I’ve been searching
For a friend that is equally worth winning
When the time came that I have found them
I promised to myself that I will always keep them

They are always there when I am happy
They always comfort me when I am gloomy
With my friends, I can always be myself
And not like those who tries to be their other self

We’ve struggled through the hardest times
And during those times, our friendship binds
For each new problem that we encounter
We always make sure that we solve it together

And now, I guess you know what makes me unique
It’s the fact that I have my friends that I can always keep
With our principle, “we don’t owe the world any explanation”
I can now face the world with dignity and determination.